Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Dave. Wit. Sexism.

So, had Dave on on mute last night as I was reading the marvellous 'Possession' by AS Byatt, one of the few women to have won the Booker.

QI XL was on at 9pm. Panellists:
Hugh Dennis
Phil Jupitus
Andy Hamilton
Alan Davies
with host Stephen Fry.

In the ad breaks, none of the ads for up-coming Dave programmes featured women.

Next up was Mock The Week.
Man hosting, five male panellists and one woman.

Not only is it offensive that the 'comedy' channel is so marketed at men, to the point where it is called 'Dave', but actually seeing any women on the channel is more difficult than spotting a needle in a haystack.

HIGNFY, QI, Mock the Week, Red Dwarf, Alan Partridge, Men Behaving Badly, Top Gear - where are the women?

Monday, 18 April 2011

Have i got news for you

I caught the end of Have I got a bit more news for you on Saturday.

All men.

Surely, BBC, you can find a woman comedian who is funnier, more engaging and more interesting than Bob Ainsworth?

Bechdel Test round up

So, have been on a bit of a film mission these last few weeks!

Here's the update:

Kickass - no. although did have strong, witty, exciting and engaging female character

Scott Pilgrim vs the World - no. although did have more than one named female character

There will be blood - no. only 1 named female character and she was a child

Ghost World - yes! and yes again. what a great film.