Saturday, 14 March 2009

feminism and femininity

how women ARE


  1. You want me to sing my song? Really? OK, well, if you INSIST! Here goes:

    "Walk down the street/ Into a shop
    Something shocking makes me stop.
    Her body lies on every page
    Her flesh is there for all to see
    No privacy / A commodity.

    Chorus: I am NOT anti-sex!
    I am anti-pornographeeeeeeeeeeeee x 2

    On the sofa / Watching pop
    Something shocking makes me stop.
    Her body's there for all to see
    More female flesh on MTV
    Sexual slavery.

    Women are like a mahogany tree
    On their backs worth more money
    Submissive fantasy
    Multi-billion industry
    Distorting my sexuality

    Chorus x 2

    Don't forget your history
    Women are like property
    Bread to rear the children
    and please their master's eye
    Ain't no guilt-trip

    Chorus X 2"

    Lyrics by E.J.Winkler

  2. How's about a post about this year's Reps? Jess xx

  3. i would do but i've forgotten the log in details. as soon as i work them out i will...