Friday, 12 August 2011

Riot & Gender

I'm very interested in how the media has been portraying women in the context of the recent UK riots. I've seen some of the usual things, like hysteria centred on young women transgressing that doesn't hit young men in the same way, or hand-wringing "Why?"-type articles about "good girls gone bad".

However it would be great to get some submissions on specific stories people see in the press about women involved in the events (as perpetrators, victims, bystanders, officers of the law etc.) to start compiling some kind of mosaic of how gender interplays with them.

At the time of writing this, 97% of people charged with offences to do with the riots were male; so I'm sure there's a story about gender to be told here, but there's not enough information just yet to say what the story is, and I haven't seen any analysis along this line.

So comment below or use the submissions form to let us know of any telling/interesting media coverage of women and the riots.

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