Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A few useful resources from Marina S

There are a few websites I visit regularly that could be good links as resources from the ROWITM site, for ideas on the type of research we could be doing if nothing else. Apologies if you're already aware of them and are not plannign to link to external sites from the ROWITM homepage, but I thought I'd rather share than not anyway:
One is the Sociological images blog - it's run by a pair of sociologists and has a pretty wide remit, but gender issues & representation are high n the list and they often address how women are portrayed in the press/media. It's an excellent resource to go to if one wants to get a large amount of evidence without trawling the web for days, because they have tags you can look at for various issues (e.g. gendered toys, representations of Asian women as passive/submissive etc). http://thesocietypages.org/socimages/
The Bechdel Test Movie List is what it sounds like - a bunch of movies and whether or not they pass the test, with rankings, comments & discussion.
Disney Princess Recovery is a blog chronicling the process of one woman (who's a social sciences academic, so there's good insight there) to wean her young daughter off Disney's narrow representations of women. She's more or less finished the journey now, but the back story is fascinating and she still updates the blog with other relevant articles.
Photoshop of Horrors doesn't focus exclusively on ROW, more on dreadful photoshop; but it's a good introduction to just how widely manipulated our visual environment is.
The #photoshopofhorrors tag on Jezebel is also a rich seam to mine, for example: http://jezebel.com/#!5762189/models-real-faces-before-the-photoshop-magic

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