Monday, 21 March 2011

An update from us

After a fantastic event at the Watershed on 6th March, we asked attendees to fill out a short form, committing to carrying out up to three actions to continue the momentum and energy created at the meeting.

We had 63 responses from an audience of 112 which was absolutely fantastic, and the day after the event, there were over 100 hits on the website. To break down the results, 17 people said they would look at the website - obviously far more did that than had promised to! Nine people said they would join BFN, and nine people said they would come to a meeting. This was borne out at the first meeting after 6th March on Feminism and Capitalism where the group had to find extra chairs in our venue to accomodate the people who wanted to be there. Ten people said they would do the Bechdel test, and we have already had some submissions on this blog. Twenty people said they would take more notice, or speak to people about what had been discussed at the meeting, and this is what we want - a real buzz about this issue which will force things to change.

Other commitments included: "challenging my boss when he makes remarks about my female colleagues", "try to find a way to bring more women onto local radio", "talking to groups of young women so that they know what they can do", "count the presenters on children's television", "write to Radio 4" and "continue to strive to be equal in my relationship and teach my two sons."

Please carry on with this activity, and carry on sending in your findings, whatever they may be about women in the media. We will be in touch in due course about a follow up meeting.

In solidarity
Bristol Feminist Network

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